Sugar Baby

First off there's something I need to say. Katy is a GENIUS! (that is probably the only time I'll ever say that too) She is the mastermind behind all the graphics on the blog. We come to her with an idea & bam she goes above & beyond our expectations. Thanks Katy the blog wouldn't look as good as it does without you. Now excuse me while I go wipe my "brown nose" :) Now back to the post. This scrub is my absolute favorite homemade body scrub. It makes my skin feel so radiant & healthy. It's so easy to make & did I mention it's cheap. (that's a word I love to hear) It's made up of products you can find right in your kitchen. The brown sugar exfoliates & clears away those dry, dead skin cells. Plus the brown sugar gives you a youthful glow & it moisturizes & conditions your skin. This scrub gets extra bonus points because it smells so yummy! This is an all over body scrub but it can also be used on your face every other day. Just make sure to be extra gentle when you use it on your face. Trust me I use this on my face & every time I do I get some kind of compliment, who doesn't want that?
*this scrub lasts for a good while @ room temp no need to refrigerate it


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