Silky Smooth Legs


It's finally time ladies. Time for your legs to come out of hiding. Those bright colored skirts & lacy shorts now have their time to shine! We have something pretty great to pair with those short shorts. How about the silkiest legs ever? Trust me you won't be able stop touching your legs because they are so soft. This little concoction is made with three ingredients found in your own kitchen. It exfoliates & softens legs at the same time. Just mix up the ingredients, apply to wet legs, shave. Rinse legs & repeat the process once more. It's that simple. You don't necessarily have to do this every day either, just when you want those extra sexy legs. Which might just be all the time when you discover how great this is. In that case, Go for it girl!

PS: We'll be guest posting beauty tips every month for our friend Tanvi! This was our first post for her blog so make sure to go show her some love!


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