Simple twisted updo

Having shorter hair makes you feel like a brand new woman. I've learned to take inspiration from all sorts of things. Recently I was inspired by Kirsten Dunst. She sported this braided updo @ the sundance film festival. It was such a great hairstyle & I knew I wanted to recreate it. I wanted to mix it up a bit so instead of a french braid I did a twist. Lets face it braiding isn't for everyone! I did a twisted swisster once before & it got so much great feedback! This twisted updo is so simple & fun, it's a great look year round. Happy twisting!
Step 1. make a deep side part
Step 2. take 2 sections of hair & criss cross one over the other
Step 3. once the hair is crossed add a little more hair to each piece & criss cross again
Step 4. keep repeating this step all the way down till you reach the end of your hair
Step. secure the twist with a rubber band. grab the rest of your hair & wrap into a loose bun (take out a few pieces of hair from the front twist to give a more textured look)


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