Blue Moon Beer Floats - Mason Jar Cocktail

Looking back at some of our older posts that we've done isn't really a favorite past time of ours. It's like having those "what was I wearing" moments. There is one post that we did though that took off all on its own. To this day it's our most viewed post ever and it's our most pinned image on Pinterest. It's been pinned so many times we can't even keep track! It's our Blue Moon-a-rita, it's one of our favorite drinks. In fact we put Blue Moon in just about anything like this lemonade cocktail. This time I have a different take on the Blue Moon cocktail, it's a frozen moon-a-rita. (sort of) It's frozen orange sherbert and blue moon beer, that's it. It's super simple and very tasty. You still get the taste of the alcohol but with the sweetness of the ice cream. A perfect way to spend the last of the summer!



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